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PPT Slide

PPT Slide

    Example: Query Cell Containing an Array

    <CFSET Colors = ArrayNew(1)>
    <CFSET Colors[1]="Red">
    <CFSET Colors[2]="Silver">
    <CFSET Colors[3]="Blue">
    <CFSET Products = QueryNew("ProductName, Color, Price, Qty")>
    <CFSET NewRows = QueryAddRow(Products, 2)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(Products, "ProductName", "Widget", 1)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(Products, "Color", Colors, 1)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(Products, "Price", "19.99", 1)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(Products, "Qty", "46", 1)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(Products, "ProductName", "Thingy", 2)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(Products, "Color", Colors, 2)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(Products, "Price", "34.99", 2)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(Products, "Qty", "12", 2)>
    <CFDUMP VAR="#Products#">

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