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PPT Slide

PPT Slide

    Example: Tag based UDFs

    <CFFUNCTION NAME="IsScheduledTask" RETURN="Boolean">
    <CFARGUMENT NAME="TaskName" REQUIRED="True" TYPE="String">
    <!--- var local vars for the func --->
    <CFSET Var TaskXML="">
    <CFSET Var GetTasks="">
    <!--- get the scheduler xml file. It's stored as WDDX --->
    <CFFILE ACTION="Read“ FILE="#Server.ColdFusion.RootDir#\lib\neo-cron.xml“ VARIABLE="TaskXML">
    <!--- convert the WDDX to CFML - and array of structs --->
    <!--- search the array of structs for the name passed to the func --->
    <CFIF ListContainsNoCase(StructKeyList(GetTasks[1]), Arguments.TaskName) EQ 0>
    <CFRETURN False>
    <CFRETURN True>
    <CFOUTPUT>Is "Test" a scheduled task? #IsScheduledTask("test")#<BR>
    Is "Jest" a scheduled task? #IsScheduledTask("jest")#</CFOUTPUT>

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