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PPT Slide

    Example: Manipulating XML

    <CFFILE ACTION="Read" FILE="d:\cfusionmx\wwwroot\mdcfug\MacromediaXmlFeed.xml" VARIABLE="MyXML">
    <CFSET DesDev = XmlParse(MyXML)>
    <CFSET Size = ArrayLen(DesDev.Macromedia_Resources.XmlChildren)>
    <CFSET MyQuery = QueryNew("resource, title, author, url, product") >
    <CFSET QueryAddRow(MyQuery, Size)>
    <CFLOOP INDEX="i" FROM="1" TO="#Size#">
    <CFSET ThisProd = "">
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(MyQuery, "resource", DesDev.Macromedia_Resources.Resource[i].XmlAttributes.Type, i)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(MyQuery, "title", DesDev.Macromedia_Resources.Resource[i].Title.XmlText, i)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(MyQuery, "author", DesDev.Macromedia_Resources.Resource[i].Author.XmlText, i)>
    <CFSET QuerySetCell(MyQuery, "url", DesDev.Macromedia_Resources.Resource[i].Url.XmlText, i)>
    <!--- get the number of products by looping over the entire XMLChildren array and pulling out only product items. This is necessary because
    an item can pertain to more than one product. --->
    <CFSET NumOfProd = ArrayLen(DesDev.Macromedia_Resources.XmlChildren[i].XmlChildren)>
    <CFLOOP INDEX="j" FROM="1" TO="#NumOfProd#">
    <CFIF DesDev.Macromedia_Resources.XmlChildren[i].XmlChildren[j].XmlName IS "product">
    <CFSET ThisProd = ListAppend(ThisProd, DesDev.Macromedia_Resources.XmlChildren[i].XmlChildren[j].XmlAttributes.Name)>
    <CFDUMP VAR="#MyQuery#">

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