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Why CFML on J2EE?

  • Many companies are standardizing on J2EE for their web application infrastructure (Internet and intranet)

    • In-house corporate developers may be faced with top-down corporate decision to migrate to J2EE
    • CFML consultants and solutions providers may be faced with client demands for J2EE-compatible solutions
  • Existing CFML applications can be migrated to J2EE

    • ColdFusion servers can be retired without rewriting CFML to JSP
    • Benefits of J2EE scalability, robustness, reliability, portability can be realized immediately for CFML applications
  • CFML is a legitimate presentation-layer technology for J2EE development

    • CFML is superior to JSP in many ways
    • CFML can provide full integration with J2EE technologies

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