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What are JavaServer Pages?

  • JSP is a scripting-based technology

    • Similar to ASP and PHP, different than CFML tag-based approach
    • JSP taglibs allow programmers to create CFML-like custom tags
    • JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) recently reached 1.0 status
  • JSP scripting language is Java

    • Do you have to know Java to write JSP pages? YES!
    • Theoretically can support other scripting languages, but never will
  • JSP is translated to a Java Servlet, compiled, executed

    • .jsp --> .java (servlet) --> .class (servlet)
    • JSP is “another way to write servlets”
  • JSP (.jsp) is portable across J2EE servers

    • Generated servlet (.java/.class) is NOT standard, but is proprietary to the servlet/JSP container that created it

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