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JSP Tag Libraries

  • JSP custom tags (taglibs) allow Java programmers to add CFML-like tags to JSP

    • Like Java CFX, but more powerful
    • Theoretically, taglibs can eliminate Java code from JSP pages
  • JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) 1.0 released in June

    • Variable creation and display (expression language)
    • Flow control: conditional statements, loops
    • SQL Database access
    • XML processing
  • XML-compliance sometimes leads to awkward syntax

    • JSTL can’t do <CFIF> … <CFELSEIF> … <CFELSE> … </CFIF>
    • JSTL can’t do <CFIF variable EQ value>
    • JSTL can’t do <CFSET variable=value>

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